Be bold. Join the movement. Show your smiley face!


Smiley face buttons for those who miss and value smiles, and see people as humans, not pathogens to be feared.

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Not everyone around you is happily wearing a mask...

Why wear a smiley face button?

By wearing a smiley face button, you're saying:

- "I miss seeing your smile!"

- "I'm willing to smile at you."

- "I see you as so much more than a potential pathogen to avoid."

- "I also question the science used to justify the current lockdowns and mandates."

- "Mask wearing is depressing and goes against our innate human need for connection."

- "Current measures are producing devestating effects on short and long-term health."

Get your own smiley face button

#SmilesMatter is a grassroots movement that started in the UK

As of January 1, 2021 this movement aims to bring together everyone who disapproves of the current measures, offering connection in a world where everyone is so fearful, alone and wary of others. Wear a smiley face button on your coat, shirt, jacket (or right on a mask if you have to wear one!) for all of 2021 - or until the restrictions are all gone.

If you are too fatigued or overwhelmed to go against the mandates and not wear a mask, this symbol will act as a beacon to say: "I am complying, but I don't agree."

Visit for more information on the #SmilesMatter movement.

When I found the movement I knew I wanted to be a part of it...

So I immediately googled where to buy a smiley face pin back button. I couldn't find one I liked (too big, too small, too expensive) or that shipped for a reasonable price (all coming from out of country). I was shocked I couldn't get my hands on a smiley face button!

So I decided to have some made up, both for myself and to share. I want smiley face buttons to be easily accessible to everyone who wants one. Being in Canada I hope this website helps get a button into the hands of fellow Canadians, so we can all start wearing them en masse in solidarity with each other.

Let's bring back smiles!


Be Bold. Join the Movement. Show Your Smiley Face!